New President for National Association that Helps Nurses

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The American Association of Nurse Attorneys ( announces Lorie A. Brown was elected and now serves as the new president.

Brown is a globally known nurse attorney who lives in San Diego and dedicates her practice to helping nurses and consulting law firms around the country for medical cases. In 2012, she founded to help nurses protect their licenses while learning to “speak their mind, stand in their power and be a change agent to improve healthcare.” Brown has a Master’s degree in nursing from UCLA and a law degree from Indiana University. She is also the author of three books for nurses. Her fourth book, What They Didn’t Teach You in Nursing School, will be available on Amazon this spring. 

Brown became aware of TAANA while a nursing student when attending her first conference in Chicago dealing with career choices for nurse attorneys. She was amazed at the many different types of positions with which nurse attorneys were involved. She looked up to those nurse attorneys as role models and is excited to now serve as the Association’s president.

Brown not only immediately became a TAANA member but went on to form the Indiana chapter of TAANA in 1994. She subsequently served on the TAANA National Board through the ’90’s, and rejoined the Board in 2016.

The association is designed to promote and enhance the profession of the nurse attorney, provide educational programs, products, and services to members and the public, to facilitate communication, collaboration, and leadership among members along with servicing as a resource for the healthcare and legal communities.

TAANA includes members who work in dual professions but also includes other associate memberships for non nurse attorneys. TAANA provides client referrals, speaking opportunities, networking, and resources as well as group admission to the United States Supreme Court.

Ms. Brown said nurse attorneys are needed now more than ever, especially given the COVID situation to support nurses and to be an advocate for health care and wellness in the US.

For more information contact: Lorie Brown, 317-465-1065 or The American Association of Nurse Attorneys, 205-824-7615                         

Media Contact:
Jan Brown

SOURCE The American Association of Nurse Attorneys

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