New MSP Peer Group Revolutionizes MSP Leadership and Networking

MSPAlliance Inspire takes a fresh, innovative approach to MSP peer groups

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MSPAllianceĀ®, the global industry association and accrediting body for the Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, and Managed Services Provider (MSP) industry, today announced a new “peer group” for MSP executives and entrepreneurs. MSPAlliance Inspireā„¢ is the product of MSP industry leaders who want more from their peer group experience, and without external distractions and influences commonly found in other groups. 

“MSPAlliance Inspire was born from the desire of our MSP Verify members to engage with one another in a deeper and more meaningful way, without the constraints and potential biases of traditional peer groups,” said Celia Weaver, co-founder of MSPAlliance. “We set the bar high, and our Inspire members are already reaping the rewards. As far as peer groups go, Inspire is a game-changer.”

Inspire is a networking group that focuses not on sharing financials, but instead on creating an environment where MSP executives can ask questions, share their concerns, and receive help from their peers. Inspire creates an environment where MSPs feel comfortable having discussions they would not otherwise have at conferences, on message boards, or on social media. 

“MSPAlliance Inspire has bridged a gap with likeminded individuals, facilitating open and honest communication among peers, and creating relationships that wouldn’t otherwise exist,” said Michael Deskin, CEO and managing partner of Dresner Group, LLC, a Maryland-based managed service provider. “Topics of conversation are often specific to the successes, challenges, and occasional failures we encounter as individuals, and as representatives of our organizations. In a short period of time, MSPAlliance Inspire has helped us make informed and educated decisions that are not only impactful to our clients, but our team members as well.”

“Inspire is the next evolution of MSP peer groups,” said Travis Springer, vice president of Sagiss, a Texas-based MSP. “In fact, we do not like to call ourselves a peer group. We are colleagues and professionals who get together to discuss challenges and opportunities that matter most to us as MSP professionals. And, because it is just certified MSPs who participate, we can discuss topics we would never dream of sharing, whether at another peer group or an MSP conference.”

Inspire meetings combine both virtual monthly meetings along with fun and engaging in-person events. MSPAlliance Inspire membership is available to all active Cyber Verify, MSP Verify, and Cloud Verify organizations. For more information or to inquire about Inspire membership, please contact us at
or 800-672-9205. 

MSPAlliance Contact:
Celia Weaver
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