New Global ATS Solution from Fountain Enables Companies to Hire Remote Hourly Workers at Scale

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fountain, the world’s leading all-in-one applicant tracking system (ATS) for high volume hiring, today announced the release of Fountain Remote to empower companies to quickly and easily onboard large numbers of remote workers. Fountain Remote enables employers to verify applicant identities, ensures that new employees have sufficient hardware and software to fulfill work requirements and makes sure employment remains compliant with current labor laws and requirements. On average, hiring and recruitment teams see a 57% reduction in time-to-hire and applicants complete Fountain Remote processes 68% faster compared to previous channels.

More than six in 10 companies have high volume recruitment needs according to research conducted by Aptitude Research, a leading human capital management research and advisory firm, and Fountain. COVID-19 not only has exacerbated hiring challenges as the number of job openings for hourly workers has exceeded supply, but also has loosened the constraints of location and therefore presented new opportunities. Now, employers looking for hourly remote workers can tap into larger and more geographically diverse pools of talent. But headaches remain when hiring in different regions.

Fountain Remote automates the verification and authorization process for companies that employ an hourly workforce, significantly reducing time-to-hire. This is especially important for employers who hire high volumes of gig or temporary workers. Additionally, for companies that hire for roles with specific tech requirements, such as call center representatives, Fountain Remote performs the necessary tests to ensure they only receive qualified applicants. Both features ensure companies find and hire qualified candidates faster, saving valuable time and money.

"Fountain continues to innovate and invest in product developments that make it easier for companies to hire and onboard faster," said Sean Behr, CEO of Fountain.

About Fountain
Fountain’s all-in-one high volume hiring platform empowers the world’s leading enterprises to find and hire the right people through smart, fast and seamless recruiting. Candidates can apply anytime, anywhere in minutes, right from their phone. Automated and customizable processes streamline the candidate experience and save time for recruitment teams so they can scale with growing hiring needs. Advanced analytics provide end-to-end process visibility so managers can make swift, data-driven decisions. Throughout the candidate journey, the openly integrated platform enables companies to find, qualify and convert more applicants. Fountain’s global customers hire over 2 million workers annually in 78 countries.

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Media Contact:
Jessica Jaffe

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Fountain Remote (I-9, E-Verify and Tech Check) Launch


TBD, likely September 2021


Sean Behr

Other Stakeholders

Tracy Sestili and product marketing lead

Q) What are we announcing? What’s the goal of this communication?
Announcement: Fountain is launching a new package "Fountain Remote", which contains the following features:

  • Remote I-9 submission
    • Created for Instacart — is live and being used
  • E-verify integration
    • Compliance check for remote employees
  • Internet speed check
    • Checks: Upload and Download speed
  • Computer capabilities check
    • Checks: Operating System (OS), Browser, RAM, Processor Speed and Cores, Screen Resolution
    • LiveOps will deploy shortly

Goal: To create awareness and drive the purchase of Fountain’s Remote hiring capabilities.

Q) What are the top key messages for this news announcement in order of priority?

  1. Fountain has released a new package, Fountain Remote, which empowers customers to onboard remote employees at scale.
  2. Fountain Remote ensures that new employees have sufficient hardware and software  to fulfill work requirements, and the proper employment eligibility to remain compliant.
  3. Fountain Remote enables employers to verify applicant identities and confirm their technology quickly and precisely.

Q) What is the ideal headline for the press release?

Headline: New Offering from Global ATS Fountain Enables Companies to Hire Remote Hourly Workers at Scale

Subhead:  Fountain Remote effortlessly verifies applicant identities and home technology to ensure that new remote employees can hit the ground running

Q) What are the KEY benefits of this news? (If possible provide specific benefits – saves money, saves time, improves end user experience, etc.)

  • Saves Time – digital transfer of paperwork eliminates document travel time and increases remote onboarding scalability
  • Quality Control / Accuracy – self reporting of technology capabilities and identity is error-prone. Automated computer diagnostics remove human inaccuracy.
  • Saves Money – Avoid fines from submitting incorrect I-9 information by controlling the data submission process.
  • Access Better Quality Candidates – digitizing and standardizing information collection more efficiently narrows the applicant pool, so recruiters can choose amongst a higher caliber of candidate.
  • Improved User Experience – Recruiters don’t need to chase down documentation or perform on-premise technology checks. Applicants don’t need to rely on the postal service.

Q) What are the specific pain points this solution helps to solve for users?

  • Lack of Process Visibility – submitting hard copies of documentation is an opaque and cumbersome process that does not allow for stage tracking nor auditing.
  • Repeat Work – pursuing applicants who do not have the proper hardware, software or employment eligibility results in wasted time and more work for recruitment teams.
  • Company Fines – Companies who submit incorrect information to the government on behalf of applicants can receive significant fines.

Q) What are the target audiences for this announcement? What titles are we trying to reach?
We want to speak to the people who head their talent teams and make the decision about what technology they use to attract, connect, qualify and convert applicants.

  • VP / Director of Talent Acquisition
  • Head of Recruitment / People
  • CHRO

Q) Who should be quoted from Fountain? What point or message would you like to see in the quote?
Sean Behr

"Fountain Remote enables the future of work for companies who will never meet their employees in-person. Verifying applicants’ identities and technology is fundamental, but doing so efficiently and at scale will set companies apart."

Message: Companies must remain compliant to stay in business, and their employees must have sufficient technology to do their jobs. But identifying those applicants efficiently can give employers a competitive edge.

Q) Is there anything NEW or DIFFERENT we are announcing, compared to what is currently in the market? If so, what?
This is going to be key to media pitching.

COVID-19 brought a deluge of new processes, company practices and government policies that allow workers more freedom from their desks than ever before. Fountain is at the forefront of the ATS industry by developing a tailored product that enables this new type of employee to apply for jobs quicker and more accurately than anywhere else.

Q) Are there any customers or users willing to be quoted?
Liveops and Instacart – still need to verify they are live, they were not live as of Aug 4th, Tracy double checking

Beta or GA release?

This is its own package.
$5 / hire as an add-on to Fountain Core (confidential)

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