Michelle Page Named Chief People Officer at HFA Architecture + Engineering

Page brings a decade of human resources expertise to her new role as HFA CPO

BENTONVILLE, Ark., Sept. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Michelle Page (SPHR) was recently appointed Chief People Officer at HFA Architecture + Engineering.

Page has been the Director of People + Culture at HFA for the past six years. However, she began her career at HFA in the Accounting Department in 2011. Page holds dual degrees from California State University, Stanislaus, in Accounting and Human Resources. After moving into a position supporting the Human Resources team in 2013, Page has helped to steer and expand the HR department, soon renamed People + Culture to better convey the breadth of the people-first culture that Page and other HFA senior leaders were promoting.

“I’ve always been a people person. The first two decades of my career were in accounting—numbers, where it’s very black and white and one-plus-one is always two,” Page said. “It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to go to the people side that I realized where my passion lies.”

She continued, “It’s almost like something was unlocked. I thrive on the feelings of fulfillment and excitement I get from working with people and seeing them have those ‘Aha!’ moments.”

The need for a Chief People Officer at HFA was grounded in the emphasis on and dedication to the Purpose, Vision, Values, and Culture Code that CEO Dave Wilgus and COO Ryan Ray have implemented in the last few years. Most obviously related to Page’s line of work is the dedication to providing a work environment rooted in a “people-first culture of empowerment where talent thrives,” said Wilgus (AIA, NCARB).

“Appointing Michelle to Chief People Officer exemplifies our dedication to the people-first culture that originates in our Code but extends far beyond the walls of HFA,” he said. “A true people-first culture cannot stop with us; it must ultimately include our communities. It’s a mindset of caring for people, which we entrust to Michelle in her new role.”

Page says she is eager to begin laying the groundwork for continued evolution and growth at HFA, starting with high-impact initiatives such as succession planning and tapping into data integration/people analytics.

“I’ve always had this goal of leaving something better when I walk away than it was when I first touched it,” Page explained “I don’t get invested in having my name stamped on something. But it will be so fulfilling to me if, at the end of my tenure, HFA’s leaders are more prepared and have an even stronger plan to develop the next generation of leadership coming up. I want to help position HFA for vigorous growth in the long term.”    

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