LoyaltyLoop and SmartSoft Announce PressWise Product Integration

EAST GREENWICH, R.I., Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, LoyaltyLoop is announcing the availability of a new, no-cost PressWise Integration Add-On. For companies using SmartSoft’s PressWise software, the integration allows printers and graphics companies to fully automate their customer feedback process following the completion of a PressWise order. 

Print and graphic companies can now connect their PressWise to LoyaltyLoop via this new no-cost integration. The integration automatically sends contact details as orders close in PressWise, into LoyaltyLoop to initiate the post-purchase customer feedback and review loop. It takes seconds to connect the integration, and then the feedback process is fully automatic and timely. Customer contact details flow to LoyaltyLoop as orders close, putting printers in position to set LoyaltyLoop to request feedback and reviews as soon as the next day. Engaging customers soon after the job is completed can increase both the quality and quantity of feedback and reviews. The integration is available for any business running PressWise.  

“Learning from timely customer feedback and gathering online reviews are a critical part of every business today,” John DiPippo, President of LoyaltyLoop said. “Establishing a process that handles this can be daunting to many businesses. Our partnership with SmartSoft makes this process simple, affordable, and automatic for any printer running PressWise.”

“Everything we do at PressWise is aimed at streamlining a printer’s workflows and operations,” said Tony Tarpey, COO of SmartSoft, the company behind PressWise. “LoyaltyLoop shares our vision of simplifying the operations and lives of printers, and the integration is just one more step toward that objective.  PressWise users now have access to an easy way to drive continuous improvements and powerful marketing, all from their customer feedback loop.  LoyaltyLoop helps them with that, and more.”    

The LoyaltyLoop service automatically engages customers following a recently completed transaction in PressWise, and collects feedback tailored for each printer, while also seamlessly encouraging the customer to post reviews on Google and other sites to boost the printer’s online presence and brand. In addition, LoyaltyLoop helps businesses track critical customer experience metrics including Net Promoter Score (NPS). The PressWise integration can be added to LoyaltyLoop Basic and Promoter plans at no additional cost. 

Visit loyaltyloop.com and presswise.com for more information.

ABOUT PressWise:
Designed by a printer as an alternative to purchasing separate Web Storefronts, Print Estimating, Workflow Automation, Print MIS, Shipping and Mail Preparation Software, PressWise provides a single, browser-based print workflow system, with the comprehensive tools needed to streamline your operation and grow your business.

LoyaltyLoop generates online reviews using customer feedback surveys. LoyaltyLoop then tracks Net Promoter ScoreSM (NPS®) to continually measure customer satisfaction levels. This allows businesses to grow sales by increasing customer loyalty and leveraging happy customers to uncover more business.

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