Lauth Investigations, Return Assets Division Launches Virtual Hiring Campaign

BOULDER, Colo., Jan. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lauth Investigations Return Assets Division is announcing its virtual hiring campaign. Starting on Monday, January 18th of 2021, Lauth Investigations, Return Assets Division will host a hiring blitz for job candidates seeking a work-from-home career option. Lauth Investigations, performs asset recovery for its clients nationwide. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Lauth Investigations, was able to pivot its business to allow employees to work from home. Additionally, business has boomed during the pandemic as clients started to seek out additional financial resources. 

“We are growing due to demand, which means we need more Claim Researchers on our team. The hiring campaign is one hundred percent virtual. Lauth Investigations, wants to meet the demand of our clients, which simply means helping people return to work with us. We offer an extensive training program and this position is perfect for a professional seeking a temporary work-from-home assignment or someone simply interested in a growing career with a background in research and development,” said a representative for Lauth Investigations. 

With virtual lifestyle options on the rise, such as telehealth and Zoom meetings for the stay-at-home professional, companies are adapting to meeting with clients in the cyber landscape. The cost to run these businesses are minimal and provides a healthier profit margin and more employee perks. Virtual business options are great for clients, too. The virtual working relationship allows clients to stay at home and seek services while remaining socially distant and healthy. Lauth Investigations has seen an uptick in client growth as a result of offering its services through virtual advocacy. 

“The candidate will develop his or her own schedule. There is staff support offered through the company for our Claims Researchers and the candidate learns useful skills on research, genealogy, and customer service interaction that helps to elevate their careers,” finished the representative. Claims Researchers are changing the lives of their clients, usually with a positive outcome. The job also entails locating and implementing necessary document certification or notarization of documents or court-certified approved records, plus so much more. 

Members of the media are invited to speak with a representative for Lauth Investigations about the hiring campaign, or go to the company website to find more information about the business at

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Thomas Lauth

SOURCE Lauth Investigations International – Return Assets Divison

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