KeepWOL Launches Talent Development Platform to Maximize Workplace Cultural Intelligence

GILBERT, Ariz., Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — KeepWOL (Keep Wondering Out Loud), a leading developer of immersive learning and development solutions, today announced the launch of an on-demand SaaS platform that provides a digital library of live multiplayer games that cultivate employee development in various areas. The impact of each KeepWOL session is tracked by data collected within the platform providing accountability and measurable change.

"Change only transpires when we boldly recognize our challenges and are willing to execute measurable, long-term solutions," says Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks, founder and CEO of KeepWOL. "KeepWOL provides introspection and self-reflection that sheds light on areas of improvement we may be oblivious to in a non-threatening and fun way."

KeepWOL takes Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) from passive awareness to an actionable experience for all employees. When attempting to instill DEIB into the workforce, many organizations rely on methods like lectures, panels, surveys, and pre-recorded videos. These might be helpful in disseminating information, but these strategies fall short when it comes to changing employee behavior, mainly because they occur as one-offs and don’t focus on the ins-and-outs of everyday work life.

Interpersonal skills such as communication, listening, vulnerability, empathy, and compassion must be practiced. By using KeepWOL with (remote and onsite) teams on a recurring basis, organizations will see a more engaged workforce, better team dynamics, the ability for employees to seamlessly move from one group to another, increased retention, a boost in collaboration and innovation, and a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

"KeepWOL is a phenomenal platform that creates a safe place for very direct, heart of the matter discussions," says Marion Kelly, Director of Community Engagement at Mayo Clinic. "I also appreciate the business model flexibility of one-off events led by a KeepWOL facilitator or unlimited access plus training with their subscription option."

KeepWOL is designed for SMBs with ten or more employees and enterprise organizations looking to build or shift corporate culture. Monthly subscriptions start at just $10 per user, with certification available and required for those employees interested in becoming KeepWOL facilitators. To learn more, visit:


KeepWOL (Keep Wondering Out Loud) is a leading developer of digital talent development solutions that maximizes cultural intelligence in the workplace. KeepWOL’s platform provides a library of live multiplayer psychology-based games designed to help enterprises build tight-knit inclusive, high-performing teams by embracing differences and normalizing curiosity, courage, and connection at work. But unlike similar platforms, KeepWOL doesn’t teach using lectures, videos, and roleplay. KeepWOL enables recurring guided immersive experiences powered by software but driven by humans to practice and develop core skills, cultivate employee engagement, attract top talent, boost innovation, and increase retention.


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