Is Your Team Struggling to Stay Motivated While Working Remote?

PARKER, Colo., April 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — If one thing is certain, it is that COVID-19 has caused a lot of organizations to redefine what a traditional workday looks like for employees. From Zoom Holiday parties to “Who Has the Best Background” contests, managers and leaders everywhere have had to create new ways to engage their teams in a virtual world and quite frankly, they are running out of ideas.

That’s where Live Your Dream Board steps in. This new lifestyle vision board company has developed a guided, interactive goal setting experience to help managers and leaders who are struggling with finding safe, virtual engagement exercises for their teams. Whether it is an in-person workshop, or a remote exercise, Live Your Dream Board provides all the materials and if needed, the availability of a coach to walk your team through the goal setting and vision board process. Each kit contains an intuitive workbook centered on several key life categories – Finances, Relationships, Professional, Personal, Spiritual, and Health. Accompanying the workbook is a packet of stunning high-resolution graphics, including quotes and spaces to list goals and action items, a foam core board, scissors, glue sticks, journaling pen, and hanging hardware for displaying at home or office.

“We have all gone through the process of collecting magazines, searching for images, cutting, pasting, and then ultimately ending up with a lot of paper scraps and a board that looks like an elementary school art project,” says Leanne Osgood, Founder of Live Your Dream Board. “I knew that what I found in a magazine wasn’t necessarily my true intentions for my life. As a business owner, community leader, and mom, I know the importance of setting goals and referring back to those goals to ensure you are staying on track. The old way of building vision boards just wasn’t working for me or my employees. I needed a clear, defined, organized, and dare I say – attractive way to display and help me reach my goals. If I’m going to look at it every day, it needs to look nice AND be intentional.”

Business coaches, spiritual leaders, and high-profile business executives have long touted the benefits of visual cues and reminders to achieving goals. Live Your Dream Board’s easy method of goal setting has simplified the vision board building process and offers a goal setting solution in today’s world. To find out more about Live Your Dream Board, visit

About Live Your Dream Board
Founded in 2019, Live Your Dream Board is a lifestyle vision board company that creates aesthetic and complete vision board kits that evoke inspiration and motivation as one journeys from goal pursuit to living the life they’ve always imagined. Started by a Denver businesswomen, Leanne Osgood, who wanted a way to create a systematic and eye-pleasing way to display a vision board all year long. Gone are the days of endless flipping through magazines, cutting and pasting images and quotes into a collage onto a poster board only to shove it in a drawer or display in a closet. With Live Your Dream Board, your goals are clearly defined and laid out into an aesthetically pleasing visual to display year-round. To learn more about Live Your Dream Board, visit

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