Institute for Crisis Management Releases 2022 Annual Crisis Report

The 32nd annual report examines the year’s crisis news and identifies emerging trends of concern to business leaders.

SOUTH BEND, Ind., July 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a post-pandemic rebound, smoldering crisis stories again were a majority of the news items tallied in 2022, according to the Institute for Crisis Management® (ICM). “We started seeing certain categories returning to typical pre-pandemic ranges, but as always, there were a few surprises in the data,” said Deborah Hileman, SCMP, ICM president and CEO. In 2022, ICM tracked 2,150,826 crisis news items, a decrease of five percent over 2021.

The 2022 ICM Annual Crisis Report is a compilation of news, trends and highlights of business crises, giving leaders valuable insight into the impact crises have on the organization and its stakeholders. According to the report, news items about whistleblowers claimed the top spot for the first time at 29%, followed by catastrophes (including COVID), down 16 points to 21%, and consumer activism and class actions, each tallying nearly four-fold increases over pre-pandemic levels.

“We’ve seen a seismic shift in the kinds of events that are generating headlines. Post-pandemic, news items about the response to management decisions have grown. Stakeholders have had enough and they are responding, sharply indicating that organizations of all kinds should reconsider their approach to crisis planning and preparedness,” she said. Hileman urges leaders to invest in comprehensive crisis management and communication planning and training to prepare, prevent and mitigate the kinds of crises that impact an organization’s reputation, brand, business and financial performance. ” The investment in preparedness is small compared to the cost of failure to manage crisis effectively,” she said.

About the ICM Annual Crisis Report

ICM was founded with the belief that research is a vital underpinning to effective crisis management and communication. The firm has been producing this annual report since its founding in 1990. The report is a popular tool with professionals ranging from executives to academics, and has been cited in numerous reports, articles and white papers over the years.

Visit the ICM website at for a free report download and to register for an upcoming online Crisis Communication Management Course. Two classes remain for 2022, beginning in August and in October.

About ICM

Founded in 1990, the Institute for Crisis Management was one of the first consulting firms in the U.S. to specialize exclusively in crisis management and communications. ICM’s planning, training and consulting services help leaders and organizations through all phases of a crisis, from assessing vulnerabilities and preparing for them, to containing a crisis and mitigating damage, learning from the event and seizing opportunities that arise from the crisis.


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