INS Global Accelerates International Expansion

NEW YORK, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — INS Global, a leading Technology-based Global PEO/Employer of Record and Recruitment service provider, is proud to announce its continued expansion in the United States and Asia Pacific (APAC).

INS Global, which began operations in Shanghai in 2006, now serves over 80 countries with direct entities and regional teams rendering global PEO, EOR, and recruitment services. By creating an efficient environment in which clients can expand their operations, INS global works with organizations to avoid the obstacles and complexities of entering emerging markets, simplifying international expansion and human resource management.

INS began providing services to European countries such as Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands, and Italy in late 2019, and this expansion continued during the COVID-19 pandemic to countries like the United States.

"The challenges we are solving for our clients, such as providing employment solutions, PEO and EOR services, are universal. With our latest offices in the US and APAC, we are reaffirming our commitment to these markets and to our customers, who place their trust in us for not only our excellent global network, but also local market expertise," said Wei Hsu, Managing Director.

The expansion follows two years of rapid growth and momentum for INS Global. Following its objective to cover the world through local teams and entities, it has doubled its workforce in the last two years while maintaining a steady growth of 30% year over year for the past five years.

"With our years of experience in the market and qualified staff, we are uniquely positioned to assist organizations all over the 50 states of the US and beyond. As we look ahead, we seek to continue offering efficient HR solutions to our global customers and investing in the local teams," said Wei Hsu, Managing Director.  "We’ve been fortunate to have an excellent team that has served over 600 companies and over 2000 professionals across the globe. We are grateful for our relationships with our clients and the trust they place in us."

About INS Global:

INS Global is the fastest-growing organization providing worldwide business expansion services and simplifying operations without hassle or delay. Our range of services include global PEO, global employer of record, and company incorporation services. We provide comprehensive and innovative solutions to the global needs of organizations. Our clients receive exclusive personalization and solutions that are formulated to address their specific goals and circumstances.

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