Influence Through Instinct: Marisa Santoro Reveals in New Book Tools to Own Authority at Work

BROOKLYN, N.Y., March 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — There’s no shortage of advice on what to do to drive career success—but very little is said about who to be and listening to your intuition. While leadership skills are important, self-trust is the foundation that great leadership is built upon—and developing it is a deeply personal process.

Former Wall Street IT executive, career coach, TEDx speaker, and author of Own Your Authority: Follow your Instincts, Radiate Confidence and Communicate as Leader People Trust, Marisa Santoro, provides the knowledge, tools, and insights you need to understand and embrace your authentic personality and trust your gut in business.

“This is the heart of increasing confidence in any area, taking on risk in small increments, stepping into new territory, facing fears, learning, failing, growing, and circling back to take on more risk that will stretch but not freeze you.”

  • How do you find the freedom to throw away the script and lead others with confidence?
  • How do you jettison the fear of failure when you’re facing off with senior management?
  • How can you transition from subject matter expert to strategic thinker who voices an opinion that goes against the grain of conventional thought?
  • How do you show emotion and build respect at the same time?

It’s all possible when you trust your gut to make the decisions that give you the freedom to move forward.

Santoro shares that great leaders communicate clearly, speak up when it matters most, and thrive on taking on measured risks. Through self-awareness, they embrace acts of discomfort daily—all in the name of learning, growing, and achieving higher levels of influence and leadership.

And it all comes with self-trust and confidence.

Own Your Authority (McGraw Hill) provides the strategic roadmap for making a long-term investment in yourself that pays undreamed-of dividends in your career and personal life.

Santoro is the founder of the career platform In Our Shoes (, and professional community, Gutsy Leadership Academy. She is an honoree of the Woman of Influence award from New York Business Journal and for her years of coaching midcareer leaders, executives, and healthcare professionals to achieve higher levels of influence.

Marisa writes a career column for American Business Journals, covering their how-to career and business strategy sections, with articles published across 44 cities in the United States.

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