How to Make Your Resume Stand Out in 2023: Executive Resume Writer, Jessica Hernandez, Shares 3 Tips

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As workplaces adjust to the “new normal,” executives seeking jobs need to utilize the latest resume strategies to get the attention of hiring executives to get their dream jobs.

“Many people think a resume is a professional biography, sharing details on everything you’ve ever done at every place you’ve worked. This isn’t the case,” said Jessica Hernandez, president of Great Resumes Fast, an award-winning executive resume writing services company based in Jacksonville, Florida, serving executives nationwide. 

“Your resume should be written to the future – to the position you want to obtain. To do that, your resume needs three things: personal branding, a wow factor, and quantifiable accomplishments. Combining these makes a powerful first impression that helps you stand out from other applicants,” she said.

Personal Branding

Personal branding is simple. It tells the story of your qualifications and successes while boldly weaving the golden thread of your passion, personality, work/leadership style, and other unique identifiers. It’s saying this is who I am, and this is who I am not. 

Start with a strong branding statement at the top of your resume. You’ll combine your headline and branding statement to create a value proposition that appeals to your target employer. This statement must be clear, concise, and resonate with hiring managers. 

Here’s an example from a past client.



If you struggle with this, we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you develop your unique personal brand and incorporate it into your documents during a resume strategy session. 

The Wow Factor

Wow factor refers to what is the most important, impressive, and valuable information about you as a candidate for THIS job.

Your wow factor differentiates you from other candidates, so you’re not blending into the stack.

Your wow statements need to be specific. They must tell the hiring manager what you did, not what you were responsible for.

Your wow statements will go in your summary, experience section, honors and awards section, and education section, if applicable. 

Here are examples of wow statements from our past clients. Note these statements don’t start with “responsible for” or “duties include.” 

  1. Developed and deployed a curriculum that reached 4,000+ team members, implemented new strategies at the pace of business – rapidly shifted learning from in-person to virtual programming during COVID-19.
  2. Navigated URAC accreditation to halt 60% loss of business within first eight months by overhauling clinical operations, building policies and procedures, and revamping training.
  3. Overhauled processes and practices to deliver $10M in soft savings through 4x increases in efficiencies and productivity.

Each statement includes metrics, high-priority keywords, and strong action verbs that convey impact. These statements resonate with employers. 

Quantifiable Accomplishments

Want to capture the hiring manager’s attention instantly? Then you must write with meaning and power. Steer clear of writing like this:

I was responsible for creating a new office procedure manual.

Instead, write with strength and impact like this:

Decreased costs 22% after developing and launching new office procedure manual.

Numbers, dollars, and percentages are powerful because they communicate proven factual data. They’re measurable and show employers the value you can deliver.

Finding data to include in your resume is a challenge. Job seekers tell me, “What if I don’t have any numbers?”

These questions can help you uncover hidden gems in your career history:

  • Am I responsible for people, projects, functions, organizations, revenues, or profit? If so, ask yourself, “How much? How many?” 
  • What specific challenges have I faced in this role?
  • Were you promoted? If so, how quickly? Or based on a specific reason? For example, recruited into a role to transform a negative P&L?

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About Jessica Hernandez and Great Resumes Fast

Jessica Hernandez, a LinkedIn Top Voice of 2020, started the company back in 2008 after more than a decade directing hiring practices at Fortune 500 companies.

The proprietary process used at Great Resumes Fast is based on her personal experience knowing exactly what hiring managers at top companies are looking for in a resume. (Not to mention, seeing firsthand what it takes to get through the ATS and preliminary screenings before you even have a shot at getting in front of the hiring manager.)

She is recognized globally as a resume expert and is regularly featured in major publications like ForbesFast Company, and Fortune.

Outside of her CEO role at Great Resumes Fast, she’s a wife, mother of six, and Christ-follower. She once had a shirt that said, “I love Jesus and naps.”

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