Futurist Ayelet Baron Predicts the Future of Work and Life in 2022 and Beyond

NEW YORK, Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In a world where more and more people are not only working remotely but making life-changing choices, what will the future of work look like? According to futurist Ayelet Baron, "The organizational structures created in 1911 still serve as the foundation of many global companies. And, as they no longer serve where we are headed, people are questioning what work truly means in this century and making different life choices."

The global pandemic not only disrupted how we work, it also forced business leaders and employees to face a new reality. Many industries, including travel and healthcare, also dramatically changed the way they did business. While some crave going back to normal, we are at a unique point in human history where we face a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to imagine a healthier world of work where regenerative and sustainable practices set the foundation for businesses for generations to come.

The Great Questioning

Over the next few years, our relationship with life, and work, will change dramatically. We are experiencing The Great Questioning, not just the Great Resignation. There is an increasing number of people evaluating how valued they are from fair pay to working conditions to benefits and most importantly, quality of life. No longer waiting for someone to pick them, millions of people are choosing their wellbeing and questioning everything.

People, Planet and Impact

The most impactful shifts will come from small and medium businesses that have a shared purpose, operate with conscious leadership, and practice self-management. As more people seek meaning in their lives, they will look to align with organizations that focus on people, planet, and impact, or start their own. We will see an increase in entrepreneurs who will set the stage for what is next when it comes to work and life.

Dialogue and Connection Unlock the Future

The undercurrents of these shifts require business leaders to introduce timeless practices like listening and open dialogue as ways to build the trust that has been broken. 2022 is the year when walking the talk and closing the gap between words and actions will be what leaders will be asked to face. The art of conversation and connection builds trusted relationships and community, which are at the heart of authentic and conscious leadership and the key to future success.

Listening to People is Key

Many young people are choosing the freedom to navigate life; there is no interest in setting annual goals with an employer and checking in with a supervisor who tells them how they are progressing. And it’s not just young people, the perks no longer outweigh the desire for choice when it comes to having a balanced, fulfilling life, which includes a career.

Ayelet Baron’s predictions were included in the Thinkers360 2022 Future of Work series.

Learn more about Ayelet Baron, the award-winning F*ck The Bucket List book trilogy, and her vision of the future on her website.

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