Engagedly Enhances Marissa AI with Additional Use Cases for a Transformational Employee Experience

ST. LOUIS, July 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Engagedly, a leading provider of integrated HR Tech solutions, has released a second set of use cases with Marissa™, an AI-powered HR helper designed to streamline everyday tasks for HR professionals and improve the employee experience.

With Marissa, Engagedly brings an innovative solution that lets HR professionals save valuable time on mundane tasks, enabling them to focus on critical strategic initiatives. The AI helper is built to understand and respond in natural language, providing answers to commonly asked employee queries and improving the overall efficiency of HR operations.

“Marissa revolutionizes how HR interacts with its tasks and responsibilities,” said Sri Chellappa, CEO and President of Engagedly. “It is our answer to the growing demand for smart, AI-driven tools that increase efficiency in the workplace,” he added.

Recently launched features of Marissa AI include:

1. Ask Marissa™: Users can ask for product help or about HR best practices in their natural language. Marissa is designed to understand and respond to these queries, enhancing the user experience.

2. Description Generation: Marissa is equipped with the capability to generate descriptions for Surveys, Individual Development Plans (IDP), Learning modules, and Job Titles – including Requirements & Responsibilities. This feature is a significant solution to writer’s block, enabling HR professionals to move faster.

3. Employee Help Desk: With Marissa, HR professionals can delegate the day-to-day Q&A. Marissa is adept at responding to employee queries on the employee handbook, company policies, leaves, and more. This allows HR to focus on its core strategy, enhancing overall productivity.

This significant enhancement of Marissa AI signifies a giant leap forward in HR Tech. Relieving HR professionals from mundane tasks promotes increased strategic focus and operational efficiency. With AI capabilities becoming a necessity rather than a luxury, Engagedly is poised to lead the way with Marissa AI.

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