Emtrain’s Workplace Culture Report 2023 Finds Employees Believe Their Workplaces Have Become Less Inclusive and Less Ethical in the Last Year

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Emtrain, an eLearning and analytics technology company that develops and measures ethics, respect and inclusion in the workplace, today released its Workplace Culture Report 2023, which shows employee sentiment has gone backwards in almost every important measurable category.

In the report, which is available for download here, Emtrain looked at how more than one million employees in the last three years felt about 16 essential Workplace Social Indicators. These indicators represent skills needed to generate respect, inclusion, belonging, and ethics within an organization. In almost every case, employee sentiment about these skills dropped.

For example: the number of employees who had positive responses to questions about how their organization handled cultivating authenticity dropped 5.14%. There were also significant drops in the number of employees who thought their company did a good job in advancing allyship (down 4.21%), demonstrating integrity (down 3.86%), and nurturing trust (down 3.48%).

“We are in the middle of turbulent societal shifts set against the backdrop of an economic downturn and budget cuts,” said Emtrain CEO Janine Yancey. “The employer pendulum is swinging away from the employee experience and towards the corporate balance sheet. When that happens, inclusion and ethics take a hit.”

Other findings from Emtrain’s Workplace Culture Report 2023 include:

  • There was a 20% drop in the number of employees who said people in their organization act as allies when the situation calls for it.

  • There was an 8% drop in the number of employees who said their senior leaders lead by example when it comes to making decisions that put the interests of the organization first.

  • There was a 12% drop in the number of people who said their coworkers see the value of creating respectful work relationships.

“These findings should serve as a reminder for business leaders to balance the near-term goal of the bottom line with the long term value of a healthy workplace culture,” Yancey said. “A short-sighted approach typically causes greater financial risks in the future in the form of employee attrition, low productivity and increased legal claims.”

The report outlines four key areas people leaders can focus on to help prevent further declines in workplace culture heading into 2024. 

Shifting from employee experience to employee enablement: Encouraging managers to coach employees to embrace challenges as growth opportunities and to proactively seek help when needed from workplace leaders or other colleagues.

Developing an allyship muscle: Allyship is a skill, which leaders demonstrate when they use their privilege to create an opportunity for someone who likely faces bias and/or has fewer opportunities than the ally. Developing an allyship muscle does not cost any money, and it infuses diversity, ethics, inclusion, and belonging into a workplace culture.

Being intentionally transparent and providing context for clarity: There are no effective shortcuts to communicating with employees and sharing business needs and expectations. Don’t just tell employees “the what”; paint them a picture of “the why”.

Nurturing trust: Trust is the connective tissue between co-workers, employees, managers, and the organization. Trust is earned through people’s actions over time. Coaching and reminding people that everyone’s actions impact others, and that people in an organization are interconnected and need each other to achieve shared goals, are critical to nurturing trust.

About Emtrain

Emtrain provides eLearning and analytics that measure the impact of social dynamics in the workplace. Emtrain’s solutions go beyond compliance to develop inclusion, ethics and respect as professional competencies via video-based training to build skills. Emtrain partners with industry experts and uses current events to develop video-based training content on topics such as sexual harassment, unconscious bias, respect and ethics. In addition, using patent-pending analytics, the company allows companies to benchmark their corporate culture against the global community to identify issues before they become toxic problems that can become compliance issues and destroy workplace culture. Emtrain’s platform is used by more than 600 companies including Chevron, Degreed, Glassdoor, Genentech, Whirlpool and more. Recognized by Fast Company on the “World Changing Ideas for AI and Data” in 2020, and named one of the fastest growing companies on the “Inc. 5000 2021” list Emtrain is a VC-backed, woman-owned and women-led company. Learn more at https://www.emtrain.com

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