Detroit Quality Staffing Is Launching Pop’s Program in August to Help Detroit's Homeless Population Get into the Workforce

DEARBORN, Mich., June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Detroit Quality Staffing has announced a new outreach program launching in August called Pop’s Program, designed to provide a support system and tools to help Detroit’s homeless population to find meaningful employment.

Pop’s Program will provide transportation, clothing, hygiene packages, and other help such as resume building, public housing assistance, and setting up bank accounts and identification as necessary. Pop’s Program is intended to spearhead a community effort in partnership with local businesses to provide long-term support for those experiencing homelessness by providing jobs and opportunities.

Joshua Morris, founder of Detroit Quality Staffing, was inspired to start Pop’s Program due to the experiences of his grandfather. "My grandfather fought in Vietnam. During the war, he became an addict like many. When he returned from the war, he got a job as a police officer, but was unable to stay clean and he eventually ended up homeless," said Morris. While Morris’ grandfather was an extremely hard worker, he ran into barriers that left him unable to get his life back — he couldn’t get a state ID without an address, and without a state ID, he was unable to find employment.

Witnessing firsthand the barriers that those experiencing homelessness face when trying to find employment led to the idea behind Pop’s Program. "Through my other charitable work, I’m able to solve the problem of helping people get an address. Through Detroit Quality Staffing’s connections, we will offer mini subsidies that will pay for the cost of an ID, transportation to get the ID and a Social Security card, and transportation to and from work. We will also have on-site supplies including work clothes, suits, grooming products, and more," continued Morris.

Phase one of Pop’s Program will assist anyone who needs help by providing clothing as well as transportation to the job interview site. Phase two will provide continued assistance with personal hygiene, resume building, and resources to learn about public housing options in Detroit. Phase three concerns the long-term growth of Pop’s Program, involving the community and partnering with local businesses to donate vouchers for haircuts, donate suits and clothing, and conduct other efforts to help end homelessness in Detroit.

The United States Interagency Council on Homeless reported that as of January 2020, 8,638 people in Michigan were experiencing homelessness on any given day. Detroit Quality Staffing and Pop’s Program is working to provide this population with the tools and support they need to get back on their feet and find long-term employment — and hopefully, eventually become a part of the Detroit Quality Staffing network for finding quality employment in the automotive, manufacturing, and logistics industries, and a wide variety of other industries looking for workers.

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