Demand for Fractional Sales Leadership Continues to Increase in North America

INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Companies around the globe are embracing the concept of interim executives and realizing the vast benefits of having an expert focus on key initiatives without committing to the long-term investment necessary for this level of resource in a full-time capacity. Sales Xceleration® brings together experienced fractional sales leaders with the proven tools and platform to implement a productive sales organization that drives revenue for small and mid-sized business owners.

These four Outsourced VPs of Sales are looking forward to providing sales leadership in their respective North American markets:

A study conducted by the ADP Research Institute uncovered that fractional or gig work accounts for one third of the world’s employed population. "As the pioneer in fractional sales leadership space, we continue to experience exponential growth in the United States with a quickening of opportunities across the globe. We were excited to add our sixth Canadian Advisor this month and are actively in the process of expanding our European presence," said Maura Kautsky, President, Sales Xceleration, Inc.

"Our Advisors each have over twenty years of sales leadership experience, giving them the unique ability to quickly evaluate the current sales organization of any business in the SMB market. These sales leaders then use their skills in tandem with specific deliverables to build the processes and team to set businesses up for long-term sales success," said Mark Thacker, CEO, Sales Xceleration, Inc.

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Sales Xceleration provides business owners with an experienced Sales Consultant to drive revenue when it is needed most. Sales Xceleration Advisors build sales engines to generate record-breaking growth for your business by:

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  • Finding Your Best Customers and Sales Team Members
  • Growing Your Sales

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