Declaring War on Zoom and Slack: Markee 3.0 – A Virtual Collaboration Tool That Doesn't Need an Instruction Manual

YORKLYN, Del., Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With hybrid work the way of the future, Markee announces the public launch of their improved browser-based collaboration software. Markee provides an all-in-one collaboration solution for remote and in-house teams alike, allowing you to host video meetings, chats, and share files with anyone of your choosing.

Markee is proud to be the first completely brandable collaboration tool for the average user. Traditional learners and tech-savvy alike will find Markee’s web-based collaboration platform easy to learn, to use and implement in their day-to-day hybrid or virtual office life.

The startup is inviting customers to try out the early-access platform with their freemium model and welcomes any and all feedback – no strings attached! Paid plans start at just $25 per team member with the ability to save on yearly plans. Sign up at

"Our goal was to take the core features, what people actually need every day to successfully work in a virtual environment, and make it simpler," said Markee CEO Craig Doig. "Sometimes less is more – and that’s the case with Markee. With our platform, you can eliminate 2 to 3 SaaS products from your tech stack and focus on what’s important."

With Markee, users can:

  • Create chatrooms in seconds
  • Schedule meetings in just a few clicks
  • Add your own logo, fonts and brand colors
  • Connect your own custom domain
  • See your team’s location within the platform at a glance

With Markee, users won’t:

  • Download software Also
  • Decipher hard to read urls with room numbers and passwords
  • Be distracted by features they don’t need nor want

"We didn’t want to lose security with simplicity," added Chief Product Officer Zach Phillips. "Markee includes HIPAA compliant video chats, encrypted file storage and secure text chat – all standard. Your guests are yours, your data is yours, your content is yours – we track nothing."

For companies using Slack to communicate internally, Zoom to host meetings, and Dropbox to share documents, Markee will be a fresh start and completely new way to collaborate and communicate. Say goodbye to platform confusion and fatigue and hello to your new SaaS Swiss army knife.

About Markee
Markee is a fully customizable meeting and collaboration platform that helps businesses work and communicate securely and effectively. The company quietly launched in June 2020 and has raised $1.2 million in funding. They are headquartered in Yorklyn, Delaware. For more information and to create an account, visit

Press Contact:
Gaby Indellini