Custom and Standard Messaging Bollards Will Help Motorists Know the Traffic Patterns and Parking Rules

VANCOUVER, Wash., Aug. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Messaging Bollards will reduce hazards and increase customer safety satisfaction. ParkingZone can provide standard or custom message labels for both Bollards Sleeves and ParkingZone’s exclusive Magnetic Gorilla Post Bollards.

Do you need to effectively communicate the correct traffic patterns and safeguard your guests? ParkingZone has the solution for 4 and 7-inch bollard sleeves with stock or customizable reflective labels.


These labels are printed on hi-tack reflective material that are UV coated to survive severe outdoor conditions. The labels stand out, especially in dark conditions in parking garages, and after dusk.


"We have the ability to create almost any graphic layout in-house," explained J. Scott Collard, Marketing & Graphics Director for Pacific Cascade Corporation (PCC) and the parent company of the ParkingZone. "Most layouts can be ready for approval in just a few days, while custom designs can take longer to create and place graphic elements, such as logos and specific type fonts."


Parking operations often have predictable ebbs and flows during ingress and egress. Alternating the traffic direction of one or more traffic lanes can dramatically shorten motorists wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

Using a two-sided, dual message Bollard Sleeve or Gorilla Post indicating enter and exit messages could be used in a garage or lot with three or more lanes. The inbound and middle lane(s) could be used for entering during the morning ingress for arriving commuters, then the bollards could be turned around to the exit message and become the outbound lane(s) for those same commuters in the evening who quickly want to get to their destination.



The 48-inch Gorilla Post™ 4 and 7-inch Bollards are perfect for temporarily deploying messages for motorists, and designed to meet the harsh demands of traffic delineation while providing a high target value. The bollard’s patented reactive spring system ensures the post will return to its original position impact after impact. These bollards "give" and temporarily fold over when hit, thus eliminating the need to replace bent posts caused by careless drivers.  Gorilla Post bollards are tamper-proof as well, and are more conspicuous than standard delineators raising driver awareness.

Each bollard is held in place by powerful Neodymium Magnets with a pulling power of 380 psi vertical lift. The base also has a 360° swivel and can be removed and/or replaced from the ADA-compliant metal base plate with our exclusive Post Puller hand tool in just 5 seconds.


If you already have a steel pole bollard, a 7-inch bollard sleeve will do the trick. Order them with a Standard or Custom Design to send a message of your choice.

The Bollard Sleeves with Reflective Striping, features high quality polyethylene making it ultraviolet stable for approximately 5 years. The bollard cover is approximately 1/8 inch thick and is durable for all weather conditions.

ParkingZone has an extensive line of Gorilla Post Bollards and Bollard Sleeves, that can be customized to deliver a consistent visual identity to your brand.

Call us at 1-800-292-7275 ext. 201 or message us online if you have any questions about custom sign panels. We are available from 8am to 5pm PST, Monday through Friday.


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