COVID-19 Mandate for Business Solution with a Push Button Implementation

PALO ALTO, Calif., Dec. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Qare Inc., today announced the release of additional new product features and functions in ASGARD™ to specifically support the President’s OSHA Covid-19 mandate. ASGARD™ is the first, comprehensive, cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) workplace safety solution that removes all barriers to safely return to work post-Covid-19. Using the AI software, all organizations, from large enterprises to small businesses and schools to health care providers, can fully verify, track and manage Covid-19 vaccinations and testing with a touch-free workflow to prevent, control and mitigate Covid-19 in the workplace. In addition, the product now supports enhanced analytics to precisely track and monitor employee compliance with Covid-19 OSHA mandate requirements.

Just as Qare Inc. had sounded the alarm bells when the product was initially launched, there continues to be more infections now with newer strains of the virus and Covid-19 is not going away in the immediate future. One main reason (as scientific studies have shown) is that no amount of hygiene theater can fully prevent the airborne transmission of Covid-19. Below citations are from just two of many such studies:
Study I: 
Study II:

Qare Inc. saw this coming and put data/smarts to work as early as mid 2020. Our AI solution ASGARD™ automatically collects and processes consent-based employee health data from privacy preserving smart health cards to securely verify vaccination track Covid test results per the OSHA Covid mandate with a contact-free workflow. It can monitor outbreaks at each location with pinpoint accuracy to initiate prevention measures in real-time with granular access controls. Says Kate Beckett, an early Beta customer "It’s the new silver bullet, the next best thing since the vaccine. So now, we can be sure of an infection free work environment, instead of merely wishing or hoping for one".

As President Joe Biden and the good folks at OSHA have unveiled vaccine mandates to combat Covid-19 and save lives, Qare Inc. has come up with the perfect new advanced AI solution for businesses to implement that mandate and is a product of meticulous research and development. Details on how companies big and small can access and deploy these silver bullets in the raging war against Covid-19 can be found at:

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