Consulting Career Expert Rob Berg: Ten Ideals to Guide Exceptional Consultants

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Small shifts in thinking can have major impacts on the work of consultants, according to the author of a new book for those who have chosen consulting as a career path.

"Consulting is an interminably interesting profession, one that appeals to the curious adventurers among us," says Rob Berg, author of the book The Courageous Consultant: Seven Keys To Becoming An Exceptional Advisor (2021, Indie Books International).

Berg argues in his book that exceptional advisors understand the complexities involved in tackling organizational challenges, including the people, supporting technologies, regulatory environment, political landscape, and myriad other factors that influence important decisions clients grapple with.

"We see the organization as a system with many moving parts, each influencing the other, where everything is connected to everything else," says Berg.

Berg is principal and director of the Operations and Technology Consulting practice at Perr & Knight, a boutique consulting firm headquartered in Santa Monica, California. As practice leader and coach, he works with consulting professionals to help them develop more meaningful client relationships, have greater impact, and enjoy more fulfilling careers.

After revisiting dozens of client engagements over the past three decades, it became apparent to Berg that relatively small shifts in thinking—involving just seven simple ideas—made the difference between routine work that earned him a paycheck and exemplary work assignments that earned him personal and professional fulfillment as a consultant. His book explores the seven keys in detail.

Along the way Berg developed what he calls The Credo, a statement of beliefs to guide his actions as a consultant.

"The Credo has become a guiding light, reminding me each day to bring my best self to whatever I endeavor to do," says Berg. "I frequently revisit it, especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed or unmotivated."

Here are the ten beliefs that have guided Berg on the way to building an eight-figure consulting practice:

Do What You Say You Will Do. This is the root of integrity, the single most important factor that defines credibility. Even seemingly small details should not be overlooked. Everything counts.

No Negative Thinking. Thinking negatively is almost always unproductive and produces anxiety. Every situation, no matter how glum, has some positive aspect.

Put Aside Childish Things. This is the time to step up and produce, to be an adult, and to approach your work with unerring seriousness.

Dress To Impress. The way you appear leaves an impression with whomever you meet and is often an indication of your own self-esteem. Dressing well opens more doors.

Visualize Your Dream. Keep the end in mind. Keep your objectives in sight, and dare to imagine living the way you know you’re entitled to live.

Work Hard Daily; Be Diligent. Don’t waste time, yours or others’. Attack your work with all vigor, knowing that each step, no matter how mundane, contributes to the attainment of your goals, the realization of your dreams.

Educate Yourself. Each day, learn something new. At the close of the day, reflect on what you have learned and how you can share it with others to benefit them.

Take Charge; Lead. It’s time to step up to the plate, to be real, and to confidently forge ahead in the direction of your dreams. Lose the fear and move with grace, basking in the knowledge that you will succeed. Say what’s on your mind—speak up.

Live In The Moment. The past is gone and unrecoverable; the future is always an illusion. Living in the present eliminates anxiety and contributes to productivity.

Celebrate Your Little Victories. Each day, count your accomplishments, no matter how small. Pamper yourself and give yourself permission to feel good about what you’ve done, rather than feeling bad about what you haven’t done.

Over the past 15 years, Berg has worked with hundreds of individuals and their organizations to help them to flourish while being integral to the growth and development of one of the most respected consulting firms in the insurance industry.

"The work can be especially gratifying, as we are respected for the confidence with which we wield our expertise and acknowledged by our grateful clients for our perspectives, our solutions, and the benefits they provide when we succeed," says Berg.

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