Closing the Gap Between Compliance and Corporate Culture Just Got Easier with Latest Release of LRN Catalyst

The premier SaaS platform for compliance program management also sets new industry bar with Catalyst Reveal for access to analytics and benchmarking

NEW YORK,, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LRN Corporation, the leader in ethics and compliance solutions for global business, today announces the latest release of LRN Catalyst, its integrated SaaS platform for organizations to deliver customizable training courses, track disclosures, and analyze compliance program performance. LRN Catalyst is the compliance management platform that helps legal, HR, and compliance leaders create ethical cultures, comply with regulations, and inspire principled performance.

Of significant value to compliance program managers is Catalyst Reveal. This new solution, available as an upgrade to LRN Catalyst, eliminates the need for tracking data on spreadsheets or downloading and manually manipulating data from basic learning management systems. The insights accessible in Catalyst Reveal go beyond simple course completion metrics inside an organization by providing access to aggregated data that is not available anywhere else. Catalyst Reveal makes use of artificial intelligence to analyze more than 16 million anonymized data points across 2 million learners in areas like course ratings, culture feedback, learning effectiveness, and learning relevance to help organizations benchmark key learner sentiment metrics against industry norms. Visual dashboards provide a powerful view into results in real time with filters for data analysis over regions, populations, languages, courses, curriculums, and time for greater insights about performance internally and benchmarked against industry peers.

“Our commitment to continuous innovation for our clients has netted our most brilliant release yet,” said Parijat Jauhari, LRN chief product and technology officer. “We have united features and functionalities for a more seamless experience that offers greater access, utility, and insight for delivering, measuring, and optimizing an effective ethics and compliance program.”

This is vital in an era of increasing government scrutiny of E&C program effectiveness worldwide and in the United States with recent guidance from the Department of Justice. Real-time data that demonstrates program impact with employees and the ability to adapt programs to deal with new risks or red flags are invaluable in meeting regulators expectations. Further, fostering a strong ethical culture helps the company as a whole adapt to evolving operating environments. Recent research confirms adaptability is a trait of the most ethical companies; those that evolve and build strong ethical cultures outperform others by up to 40% across key business metrics including employee loyalty, customer satisfaction, innovation, and growth.

The latest release of LRN Catalyst supports the goals of corporate leadership including chief compliance officers, board directors, and audit managers in reducing risk, while at the same time prioritizing the learner experience and equipping people with the knowledge and tools to do the right thing.  

Highlights of the LRN Catalyst release:

Catalyst Reveal

New analytics and benchmarking option to enhance insights and transform reporting.

This new offering provides actionable data insights and reveals industry benchmarks to help program managers understand, improve, support, and defend their E&C program. Benchmarking data sits right inside the platform—an industry first.

Catalyst Design

Intuitive customization and content management for more seamless course deployment.

An expanded set of self-editing capabilities that provide the flexibility to customize library courses to align with the needs of the organization—not just from a brand perspective, but also from a learning content perspective.

Inspire Library

Enhanced learner experience that adapts for both accessibility and training needs.

Re-imagined not just for the engaging “Learn It – Work It – Prove It” instructional design model, but also for adaptive learning to adjust to the learner’s role and test-out status.

Catalyst Reach

Breaking down the barriers to learning.

A user console that supports accessibility—now WCAG 2.1 AA compliant—is foundational to the new architecture that enhances performance, simplicity, and usability. To help foster ethical culture and meet employees wherever and whenever, the solution is 99% compatible with Apple and Android mobile platforms.

Catalyst Disclosures

Increase accuracy, efficiency, and transparency of disclosure tracking and reporting.

Foster organizational trust by creating an auditable single source of truth where program managers can easily assign, embed in course, or collect on demand key disclosure data. This saves time—and money.

“I am thrilled by the work our team is doing with our most collaborative clients to build best-in-class solutions for ethics and compliance professionals around the world,” said LRN CEO Kevin Michielsen. “LRN Catalyst is the compliance management platform purpose-built for the practice, for our award-winning course content, and with the guidance of our Advisory team to streamline processes, save time, deliver exceptional insights, and create the kind of company culture leaders can be proud of.”

About LRN Corporation

LRN’s mission and purpose is to inspire principled performance and help people around the world do the right thing. Since 1994, LRN has worked to propel organizations forward with the partnership, knowledge, and tools to build ethical culture. More than 1,000 companies and 30 million learners worldwide utilize LRN services and take LRN e-learning courses to help navigate complex regulatory environments and foster ethical, responsible, and inclusive cultures. In partnership with LRN, companies translate their values into concrete corporate practices and leadership behaviors that create sustainable competitive advantage. By acting upon shared values, companies and their people find the means to outbehave and outperform. Learn more at and follow on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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