Career Development Platform Careerist Raises $1.25M in Seed Round At $21M Market Cap

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Careerist (ex JobEasy), a Silicon Valley-based career development platform which adapts US labor to the new economy for a share of the future salary, has raised $1.25 million in seed financing. 

IIDF, an international VC supporting Russian-speaking entrepreneurs, Bogdan Iarovoi, an early-stage investor and his SmartHub syndicate, as well as other Silicon Valley-based business angels participated in the round. The new capital will be primarily used for new software product development, growth and scaling operations.

Founded in March 2019, Careerist gives anyone without a tech or coding background a chance to land a job in the U.S. tech industry. The platform trains and applies its students for simple well-paid jobs like software testing, while helping them grow into more advanced roles. Students pay an initial application fee and sign an Income Share Agreement to pay a full tuition fee only if they land a job.

With a 500% growth rate in 2020 despite the economic downturn and hiring freezes, an edtech and fintech startup recorded nearly $2 million in yearly revenue. Careerist graduates have already secured jobs at Google, Apple, Amazon, Slack, Salesforce, Samsung, Verizon, AT&T, Snap, Facebook, and others.

Ivan Tsybaev, the CEO and founder, is a serial entrepreneur and Silicon Valley veteran. Previously founded Trucker Path, U.S. most popular app for truckers (crowdsourced navigation + financial services), raised over $30M from VC and sold it to a public company. 

An advanced software platform, Careerist develops data-driven education products and automates the full customer lifecycle, from pre-qualification to job placement and beyond. The company continuously works on both education and job placement functions such as machine learning-powered job applications en masse, as well as the fintech component, including background checks, contract automation and collections. Rebranding into further advances the company’s ambition to be not only an education platform, but also a lifetime career partner. From jump-starting the career to assisting in salary and promotion negotiations and providing advanced training, Careerist aims to help thousands of people in the U.S. to quickly adapt to in-demand job requirements without taking a burden of huge student loans. 

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