Cangrade and NEOGOV Enhance Public Sector Hiring with New Partnership

Innovative partnership between leading assessment solution and public sector HRMS streamlines public sector hiring

WATERTOWN, Mass., Aug. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cangrade, a leading hiring solution helping companies make fast, data-backed talent decisions, is proud to announce its partnership with NEOGOV, a market leader in public sector employee lifecycle management. The partnership will help transform hiring and talent management for HR teams in the public sector. This innovative collaboration enables public sector HR teams to seamlessly integrate Cangrade’s candidate success and retention predictions into NEOGOV’s HR management system to ensure they hire candidates who will succeed and stay.

Inefficient hiring processes and faulty hiring decisions plague every industry, costing organizations time, funds, and top talent. For the public sector to make high-quality hires in this continually competitive hiring environment, they must ensure they have the tools to make efficient and accurate hiring decisions. To do so requires the integration of their different hiring platforms to streamline operations and enhance candidate insights, guaranteeing hiring quality.

With NEOGOV’s industry-leading public sector HR management system and Cangrade’s industry-leading soft and hard skill assessments, public sector organizations will now see a holistic view of their candidates in one platform, empowering them to make better and faster hiring decisions. Cangrade’s soft and hard skill assessments supply hiring teams with bias-free predictions of success and retention ten times more accurate than traditional hiring methods. NEOGOV enables HR teams to automate and support the entire employee lifecycle, streamlining processes and diversity initiatives all from one centralized platform.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with NEOGOV to provide public organizations with an industry-leading solution for making efficient, accurate, and compliant hiring decisions,” shared Cangrade’s CEO and Founder, Gershon Goren. “With the integration of our cutting-edge assessments with NEOGOV’s tailor-made applicant tracking system for the public sector, public organizations will be able to better assess and narrow down their talent pool to ensure they hire, onboard, and retain the best talent.”

“NEOGOV is delighted to partner with Cangrade to further enhance the effectiveness of our recruiting solutions,” said Josh Snyder, NEOGOV VP of Strategic Partnerships. “At NEOGOV, our easy-to-use platform is built on public sector best practices to deliver solutions to the pressing issues that HR professionals face each day.”

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Cangrade’s is a leading bias-free, AI-based hiring solution enabling HR leaders to be strategic business partners that drive results. By seamlessly integrating data into talent management processes, Cangrade helps HR make accurate, efficient talent decisions from initial screening through promotions. Backed by I/O psychology and cutting-edge machine learning, Cangrade’s solutions deliver 10x more accurate predictions of talent success and retention than traditional hiring methods and a 0% chance of introducing bias. Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment has helped brands like Wayfair, FDNY, and Unum make the right talent decisions on over 8 million candidates. For more information, visit

NEOGOV, a Carlyle and Warburg Pincus portfolio company, serving over 13,000 organizations, is the leading provider of an integrated HR, payroll, talent management and policy and compliance management solution for the public sector. NEOGOV customers report increased employee productivity and engagement, time and cost savings, improved regulatory requirement compliance, and reduced paper processes, with a net result of better services for citizens. More information at and

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