Bringing Tech Education and Access to Rewarding Careers to East of England

Tech Educators Partners with Code Fellows 

NORWICH, England, Aug. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Code Fellows has partnered with Tech Educators to bring industry-leading tech education to Norfolk and the greater East of England. Together they are providing pathways for individuals from all backgrounds, regardless of finances, to become professional developers ready to contribute to the companies they join or start-up in as little as 9 weeks. 

The UK has seen a 2.3 time increase in investment into tech companies, with an estimated £29.4bn investment in 2021. The valuation of tech companies founded in the UK since 2000 is now estimated to be £540bn. More than ever, the UK economy needs different on-ramps to the tech industry, bringing developers from a diverse background into the tech community.

"At TechEducators we want to put the East of England at the forefront of the global tech ecosystem, training and upskilling members of the community to be part of the future economy. Partnering with CodeFellows means we can provide first class, up-to-date training content, allowing us to concentrate on our core goals of finding and fostering future software developers." — Dom Davis

Code Fellows, finds strategic partners in markets all around the globe who are looking to help individuals transform their lives through education. They are a global company focused on global needs so that more people can discover their potential in tech, begin high-paying careers in tech, and add diversity to the tech industry. A strong global tech industry needs the diversity of thought that comes from all of us working together to find better solutions to difficult problems.

Building a strong and sustainable economy requires strategic partnerships, human and capital investment, and access to relevant training and education. These three important factors can provide continuous growth, prosperity, and inclusion that raises the standard of living for the entire community and ensures everyone has a chance to succeed.

"At Code Fellows, it is our mission to find like-minded partners in communities around the globe and support them with our proven curriculum, instructional methodologies, and industry-leading expertise. Working together we are able to leverage our collective strengths to provide the skills that lead to rewarding tech careers that are oftentimes relegated to a privileged few. It’s our honor to come alongside Tech Educators to provide them with the curriculum, training and support they need, to change lives, companies, and the greater economy of the greater East England area." — Mitchell Robertson, Code Fellows VP

Tech Educators launched out of the Akcela incubator, a space for businesses to grow and thrive and in order to support individuals from all backgrounds to achieve their full potential. Their goal is to inspire individuals to pursue a long and fulfilling career in tech, in order to seed innovation, transform their lives and the communities that they live in.

Code Fellows‘ programs produce graduates who have a 93% in-field employment rate, and a median salary of $75,000 USD. In addition, Code Fellows is the number one ranked bootcamp for landing a job at a major tech company, according to a global study conducted by Switchup. This study found that 11.15% of Code Fellow’s alumni are employed at the "Big Five"–Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft–this rate is only matched by the employment rate of Stanford University and outperforms other top university programs including Harvard, UC Berkeley, and Cornell.


Mitchell Robertson

SOURCE Code Fellows