Bear Claw Offers a State-of-the-Art Platform for Talent Acquisition

CHICAGO, Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bear Claw, a technology provider for recruitment and talent engagement, announced its official launch today. Founded in 2019, the platform caters to small and large businesses and provides a streamlined approach to talent acquisition, automating time-consuming sourcing, data entry, and task management done by recruiters.

"Bear Claw’s innovative technology allows recruiters and hiring managers to focus more on recruiting, and less on data-handling." said Jason Palmer, President and CEO of Bear Claw. "In today’s market for talent, recruiters need to be hyper-efficient, using value-adding tools that allow them to allocate their time towards the person and not data entry functions".

"Bear Claw has found that most of a recruiters’ time is spent on important but time-consuming activities like sourcing, data entry, and task management." said Justin Solomon, Chief Operating Officer of Bear Claw. "We built a platform that allows recruiters to focus on what is the most important part of placement, which is engaging and cultivating."

Bear Claw offers two products for businesses, which include Bear Claw Premier, targeted toward small teams, startups and one-off recruiting, and Bear Claw Enterprise, which serves larger corporations. Key features within Bear Claw include:

  • Bear Claw Deep Reach: A Chrome extension that allows users to sync with Bear Claw. Users can add a new lead/candidate with one click as well as update any current lead records that you’re working on.
  • Automated Candidate Bios: The platform creates a bio based on set criteria to summarize a candidate’s resume. Users can pre-set screening question templates based on different types of candidates and positions that you’re hiring for.
  • Custom Workflows: Set up workflow messages, templates, and durations for specific jobs or general follow ups. Then, add any leads, candidates, or contacts to the workflow and let Bear Claw do the rest.
  • Track your Placements: Bear Claw offers the ability to track your placements and invoices to help keep information streamlined and organized.

"Bear Claws investment in R&D results in leading edge technology. Our hands-on knowledge base stems from working as recruiters and understanding the needs of HR departments that led to the creation of Bear Claw’s robust platform." said Brandon Palmer, Co-Chairman of Bear Claw.

For more information on Bear Claw or to set up a demo, visit Home – Bear Claw.

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