Baachu Resumes Training Operations Following Dispute with APMP

  • Learning Opportunity Stripped Away: Baachu, Trusted Learning Provider of Professional Training for Underprivileged Students and Government Contractors Loses Approved Status Amidst Controversy
  • Baachu Alleges Unfair Treatment by APMP Board: Claims Lack of Evidence and Unjust Hearing Process
  • Empowering the Next Generation: 1600+ APMP-Certified Professionals Trained in Tender & Proposal Writing by Baachu since 2020

LONDON, Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Baachu, the champion of professional training for emerging economies and underprivileged communities proudly announces its return after being unjustly targeted by the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP). Undeterred, Baachu is steadfast in its mission to democratize bidding knowledge and empower business-winning professionals across the globe.

APMP, the leading global professional body for contractors securing business through proposals, bids and tenders, revoked Baachu’ s Approved Training Organization (ATO) status in December 2022. Baachu maintains that APMP is yet to provide any evidence of a breach of the Association’s policies, and has failed to offer a fair and independent hearing process.

During the three years that Baachu was a recognised ATO for APMP, it had a substantial impact on the bid and proposal management community. The company dedicated 6200 hours to promoting professional growth in underprivileged communities, certifying more than 1600 professionals around the world, and awarding $70,000 in scholarships and discounts to underprivileged students. Baachu’ s popular podcast, Scribble Talk, featuring APMP stories of 176 industry leaders, reached listeners in 81 countries.

Despite this, in a letter outlining its decision to revoke Baachu’ s ATO status, the APMP International Board of Directors accused Baachu of creating a competitor to the APMP brand and promoted its own certifications as a “cheaper alternative”.

Following a one-sided hearing with no evidence and a mere 7 minutes for Baachu’ s CEO to defend against allegations, the APMP Executive Committee voted unanimously to uphold their decision.

This unfortunate case highlights the importance of professional organizations having fair and impartial processes in place for handling grievances and disputes, including independent bodies to investigate allegations of unfair treatment or bias. The APMP’s handling of Baachu’ s ATO status revocation serves as a warning to all professional organizations to uphold the highest ethical standards and maintain proper governance procedures.

At Baachu, our commitment to our APMP students and corporate clients remain unwavering, even after the revocation of our APMP ATO status. We are still the foremost provider of professional training, constantly striving for equal educational access for all. With a 100% success rate at all APMP certifications and a 100% money-back guarantee, you can trust that our current, accurate and complete materials will give you the best chance of passing your APMP exam. Unleash your full potential and join the ranks of the 1600 APMP students from 31 countries who have trusted Baachu for their APMP Professional Certification journey. 

Baskar Sundaram, CEO of Baachu, said: Despite facing challenges from the APMP Board, Baachu remains steadfast in its dedication to enhancing the professional growth of bid and proposal professionals through access to the industry’s premier business-winning tools and training resources offered by our academy.

As we resume our training operations, I am determined to champion fairness, equality and to foster a positive, inclusive culture within the APMP community. My vision is to rally every member of the APMP to stand together in creating a thriving and fair environment for all to succeed.

Media Contact:
Baskar Sundaram