An Exclusive New Level of Data Comes to Healthcare Monitoring

Exclugo Brings a New Level of "Identifier Data" to Sex Offender Monitoring

NEW YORK, July 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Exclugo, the healthcare industry’s provider of "fresher healthcare monitoring," is pleased to announce a breakthrough in the monitoring of sexual predators seeking employment within the healthcare industry. For the first time ever, Exclugo provides healthcare organizations with IDENTIFIERS that more accurately identify individuals who may appear on sex offender lists.

Exclugo’s CEO, Michael Wenger, states "It’s been a long road to incorporate identifiers into the healthcare monitoring sex offender watch lists. Until now, there was nothing that could distinguish one ‘John or Jane Doe‘ from another. It’s been a serious problem that many healthcare administrators and HR professionals been confronted with.  So, in keeping with our "freshest healthcare monitoring" approach, we’re pleased to offer this new level of service, which literally no other provider has at this time. It’s all in a continuing effort to make healthcare monitoring easier and more accurate."

Exclugo is a stand-alone company that enjoys joint ownership with ApplicantSafe; a background screening firm that is considered by many to be a leader in the pre and post hire background check industry. It’s with a deep, historical understanding of the multi-faceted background intelligence marketplace that the Exclugo team has been able to recognize opportunities for innovation and act on them; better assisting its clients.

"We’re already hearing rave reviews about how the new sex offender identifiers product is performing and about Exclugo in general," added Wenger. "I’m so certain of the value of what our team has built that I’m offering new clients a free trial period. And I’m not talking about some watered-down version, but the entire suite of what Exclugo offers. It’s that good a product!"

About Exclugo

Exclugo provides the freshest, most complete, monitoring data available to the healthcare industry. With time-tested best practices combined with the latest AI architecture, Exclugo delivers the data needed, exactly when & how it’s needed. Exclugo’s continuing journey is always to provide "Fresher" healthcare monitoring services and products to those front-line administrators tasked with making critical decisions.

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