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ApplicantSafe CEO Shines Bright Light on Hiring Challenges in Today’s Competitive Job Market

NEW YORK, July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ApplicantSafe, the smarter, more approachable solution to background screening, is pleased to announce the release and subsequent rise to ‘Amazon Best Seller’ status of Background Check Essentials, a book that’s being hailed as the most approachable and relatable book ever written on pre-employment background screening.

The book’s author, Michael Wenger, is the CEO of ApplicantSafe, a firm with decades of experience and expertise in the background check and hiring industry. "When I first considered writing Background Check Essentials, it seemed like a huge mountain to climb," said Wenger. "Of course, there have been other fantastic books written about various aspects of background intelligence, but I wanted to do something different; namely, to provide the reader with real-world situations that I’ve personally experienced and what each has taught me (and our team) about how our industry is continually changing as well as how those changes are affecting business owners, C-level executives, and HR specialists. It’s a relatable, quick read that showcases ‘best practices’ in hiring and retaining excellent employees. Whether it’s simple background checks, time saving automation, enhanced medical exclusions data, or the effects of the latest tenant screening rules & regulations, there is something for everyone. And as I was writing it, I always sought to provide the information to the reader within the framework of our "smarter, more approachable" mindset…hopefully making the book both enjoyable and easily understood."

Background Check Essentials establishes that most individuals who rely on background checks don’t fully understand the ever-changing nature of the background screening industry, especially pre-employment checks. These changes present both amazing opportunities in accuracy & efficiency and potential risks in the form of new rules and regulations, that if ignored or misinterpreted can lead to fines or worse.

Having decades of background intelligence experience, with all manner of screening products, Michael is uniquely qualified to share his knowledge with organizations that wish to build stronger, safer, and more productive workforces.

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