AI Application Assistant Launches Innovative Tool to Empower Job Seekers and Recruiters

Revolutionary web app is using AI to help users land their dream jobs by making their applications stand out from the competition

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — AI Application Assistant has officially launched its long-awaited web application,, designed to transform the job application process. This groundbreaking platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to allow users to simply input a job title, company name, location, job description, and resume to generate high impact cover letters that are not just tailored, but personalized to each application, aligning the applicant’s skills and experiences with the role’s specific requirements.

Key Features of AI Application Assistant:

  • Advanced Keyword Optimization: AI Application Assistant incorporates industry-leading technology to identify and integrate key terms and phrases from job listings to ensure your application is not incorrectly filtered out by the automated hiring systems that almost all employers currently use.
  • Precisely Aligned with Job and Employer: Our application crafts each cover letter to precisely suit the specific needs and culture of the job and employer.
  • Advanced Error Checking Algorithms: AI Application Assistant integrates cutting-edge error checking algorithms to ensure the utmost accuracy and professionalism in every cover letter.

Empowering Job Seekers with AI Technology:

“In the digital age of job hunting, AI algorithms are the new gatekeepers. They scan, they filter, they decide – often without any human intervention. At AI Application Assistant, we are excited to offer a solution that not only saves time but improves an applicant’s chances of getting hired,” said Weslen Lakins, Founder of AI Application

Assistant. “Our mission here is to empower job seekers by leveraging the latest advancements in AI to help their applications stand out in today’s competitive job market.”

Affordable Pricing Model:

AI Application Assistant is committed to making high quality application materials accessible for all job seekers.

  • Launch Offering: Every new user who creates an account can generate two (2) cover letters FREE OF CHARGE. No credit card required.
  • 3-day Free Trial: All users can enjoy unrestricted access to the site for 3 days at no charge.
  • Individual Access: After the free trial, users can opt for a monthly subscription at $6.99, providing unlimited access to our cover letter generation services.
  • Enterprise Access: For agencies and larger organizations, we offer an enterprise package at $25.99 per month. This includes up to 5 individual user accounts and features additional personalization options to cater to diverse job application needs.

About AI Application Assistant:

AI Application Assistant is a pioneering company specializing in the development of AI- powered tools for job seekers. With a focus on innovation and user-centric design, the company is dedicated to improving the job application process and increasing the success rate of job applicants.

What’s Next?

AI Application Assistant is committed to continuous improvement and will be regularly updated to include more features and support a wider range of applications.

Media Contact:

Tammy Lakins
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 865-548-0770

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