Aboutly Institute Concludes a 3-Day Workshop on Precision Human Dynamics in Austin, Texas, Led By NYT Best-Selling Author, Benji Rabhan

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — New York Times best-selling author and United Nations recognized entrepreneur, Benji Rabhan, led a 3-day live in-person training workshop called THE DESTINATION, hosted by the Aboutly Institute in Austin, Texas.

This exclusive event introduced attendees to the concept of Precision Human Dynamics™, a proprietary system pioneered by the Aboutly Institute that uses a groundbreaking technology called Neural Network Mapping™.

Aboutly’s training is designed to help people become more effective communicators, enhance productivity, build higher quality relationships, and increase abundance in all areas of life and business.

Industry leaders and business execs flew in from Norway, the UK, California, and beyond to participate in Aboutly’s training, where guests engaged in growth and skill building opportunities in friendship, business, and more. Some attendees extended their stay for a specialized mastermind session, which takes a new spin on personal and business growth by leveraging the power of Neural Network Mapping™ to optimize performance, happiness, and relationship dynamics in life and business.

As part of the holistic approach to this training, the event was hosted in partnership with Kuya, a transformational medicine and wellness center, which allowed attendees to enjoy sauna sessions, cold plunges, cacao, and flotation tank experiences throughout the 3-day event.

Participants have praised Aboutly Institute’s Precision Human Dynamics™ training for transforming their personal and business performance and relationships:

One attendee who manages a VC fund shared, “I can’t imagine going through life without having found this training. It’s like glasses you can never take off, understanding yourself and others in a scientific way.”

Another attendee who founded a number of multi-million dollar startups shared, “Aboutly has helped me evolve from burning willpower to maintain momentum, to moving at even greater speed without any task feeling like a grind.”

The Precision Human Dynamics™ training offered by Aboutly Institute goes beyond surface-level understanding. As one participant, a senior software developer, described, “Aboutly goes beyond the surface level and provides a deep understanding of human psychology, allowing you to navigate relationships, work dynamics, and personal growth with precision.” The transformative nature of Aboutly’s approach was also highlighted by another participant who said, “Aboutly will fundamentally impact every area of your life in a positive way. Understanding the nodes of human psychology empowers you to make better decisions, build substantial connections, and create better outcomes.”

About Aboutly Institute: Aboutly offers a Precision Human Dynamics™ (PHD) system for comprehending and utilizing human communication at the deepest level; where our subconscious programs live that determine our personalities, thoughts, speech and behavior. Aboutly will change the way you view hiring, partnerships, personal relationships, sales, marketing, and every other area of human interaction. It’s that powerful. To learn more, visit www.about.ly.

SOURCE Aboutly Institute